Vladyka & Kubica, law office

Vladyka & Kubica is a Czech law office founded on 1 January 2002 by Mgr. Robert Vladyka in close co-operation with Mgr. MUDr. Zdeněk Kubica, who became a partner in 2004. Since its founding, the law office has been undergoing constant development. Over more than a decade of its existence, it has successfully established itself in the area of legal counselling, and particularly in litigation and criminal proceedings.

The basic philosophy of the office is to “provide all clients with personal, highly professional and timely legal assistance, while pursuing their interests and needs based on a comprehensive view of their field of business or life situation and the goals the clients want to achieve”. Within this approach, the law office is always absolutely loyal to the client and prides itself on having lawyers with the best expertise.



Within its activities for both Czech and international clients, the Vladyka & Kubica law office provides legal services throughout the Czech Republic, while covering many fields of Czech law. The law office provides its services in the Czech language and also in English and Russian.
Vladyka & Kubica focuses on providing comprehensive legal services in the long term as well as on individual cases of its clients. In its services, the law office closely co-operates with many independent attorneys and law offices, and also with external partners and members of various professions, such as notaries, court-appointed experts, tax advisors, auditors, insolvency trustees, physicians, etc.




Revoluční 1, Praha 1 110 00
Phone: +420 242 487 525
Fax: +420 242 487 526

GPS souřadnice:50.0894881,14.4278923

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